Writing Your Dissertation In A Week: A Completely New Approach

Dissertations are one of the most important aspects of any course of study and doing it correctly and on time is the best option. You are always given enough time to complete it and based on everyone's different situation, they sometimes run out of time and when assessed, only a week is left to complete it. When you fall into such a situation, you will realize that you have to be on point now as time is obviously limited especially if it may be a really complicated topic. Having to write your paper in the space of a week can also sometimes be a good factor as it helps to build your self confidence on how hard you will work to achieve what you want as well as it helps to develop a level of focus. However, do not wait out for a week if you don't have to.

In the case you only have a week to complete, the first thing to do is make a plan for completion. In this plan will be a step by step guide on how you will work to complete your paper. Bear in mind, you have to selectively make the guide based on the topic chosen (as some may be more complicated than others). When you are making the plan, you can set it by either hours or days for example:

Day 1:

  • Prepare myself mentally (1 hour)
  • Prepare all the tools I need for work-pens/pencils, papers, books, etc, (2-3 hours)
  • Start my research (3+ hours)

Day 2:

  • Analyzing research details- check for proof, authenticity, relevance to research topic, etc (4+ hours)
  • Choose main points for discussion (1-2 hours)
  • Start your draft writing (2+ hours)

Day 3:

  • Analyze your draft document (2-3 hours)
  • Do necessary additions and rewrite where possible (2-4 hours)

Day 4:

  • Start your real paper writing (depending on the paper length-hours)
  • Review and make necessary changes and/or edits where needed.
  • Continual review possibly until day end into fifth day.

Day 5:

  • Final review and rest

It does not take any magic or extra power to complete a research within the space of a week. All that is needed is the right motivation and the determination to start. The tips and guides given above have worked effectively for all students who used them and yes their gradings have been great. Setting the time and focus on the task at hand will get the job done faster and more effectively.