10 Current Events To Mention In Your Dissertation Topics On Zoology

In order to incorporate current events into your dissertation when writing about zoology, there are a variety of different approaches that you can take. For example, you may wish to focus on a particular event, and what influence our understanding of zoology has had on that event; alternatively, you may wish to look at things in more the opposite way, such as how a particular event has influenced our understanding of zoology.

Of course, some current events will be more obviously associated with zoology than others, such as those relating to the animal kingdom. However, there are plenty of other events that might have some connection with zoology that you may wish to write about as part of your essay.

Combining multiple subjects

Of course, if you are studying zoology as well as another subject, then you may wish to try and combine the two and, if those two subjects are relatively unrelated, then you may need to be fairly creative when it comes to thinking of ideas. To give you some inspiration, you may wish to look at the list below.

  1. In terms of the technology that is invented, as well as any discoveries that are made, how can space travel help to advance the subject of zoology?
  2. Two decades on from the cloning of Dolly the sheep, what have we learned about replicating genetic information?
  3. With scientists attempting to grow meat in laboratories, what influence and effect might this have on the field of zoology and our understanding of organisms?
  4. What scientific inventions from the 21st century have helped us to further our understanding and awareness of evolution?
  5. Despite all of the evidence for evolution, why do some religious individuals and groups still refuse to acknowledge the existence of evolution as scientific fact?
  6. Based on the actions of athletes at the Olympics, what can scientists learn about other animals from studying the movements of elite humans?
  7. What impact has modern transportation had on the structure of human bodies?
  8. How has the current Pope helped to progress the understanding and acceptance of evolution for those who might otherwise be tempted to believe in creationism?
  9. How are more than technological companies using the zoological studies when it comes to creating robots and other automated devices and machinery?
  10. Outline and discuss any evidence of evolution that has been caused by pollution in 21st century China