15 Of The Hottest PhD Thesis Philosophy Topics

Writing a Ph.D. thesis in philosophy can be an easy process only if you have a good topic and well-researched content. Many students are having trouble to find a relevant topic in philosophy that can be used for a quality and unique Ph.D. dissertation.

However, today there are many resources that can help students to find their favorite topic and focus on creating an outstanding Ph.D. content in philosophy. If you are one of those students who still do not have a great topic in philosophy, check this list of 15 most popular and relevant Ph.D. thesis topics in philosophy:

  • How the philosophy of mind works?
  • Analyzing Paul Feyerabend and The 'Problem of Reality' in the Later Philosophy
  • The history of philosophy and its impact on the society through all these centuries
  • A case studies for visual perception
  • Environmental ethics and how can be implemented in the schools
  • Is the philosophy education having progress in the 21st century?
  • Analyzing the Naturalism and Normativity
  • Conservative mind in 21st century – how it can survive around all those open minded people
  • Is the spirit really leave the body when we are dead?
  • Emotional intelligent – facts and arguments through several case studies
  • Is the animal ethics having progress in the 21st century?
  • A mixture of biology and philosophy
  • Analyzing The Metaphysics of Mental Representation
  • When had the philosophy the biggest progress in the history?
  • The Relationship Between Narrativity, the Self, and Affectivity: A Phenomenological Perspective

These 15 topics in philosophy can be a great start and inspiration for all students who are having a problem to find interesting and quality topic in philosophy for their Ph.D. dissertation.

You can start with one of these topics or take two or more and combine them in one, so your dissertation to be more interesting, with great quality, creativity, unique and catchy for all readers. Also, you can always search for more topics in philosophy on the internet or some philosophical books. Besides that, you can always search for help from your teachers in philosophy or your friends and classmates who have already written their Ph.D. thesis in philosophy.

Writing about this subject can be really interesting, and it will definitely increase your knowledge and experience for certain things and topics. Just focus on the most important things, make it simple and readable for all your readers.