Places To Find A Qualitative Undergraduate Dissertation

Almost every student of higher education has to write a dissertation in order to successfully surpass his or her examination and get a certified degree. However, what many fail to realise is that this is a very professional assignment and is, essentially, the stepping stone prior to being inducted into esteemed literary circles. A good thesis paper is what sets an intellectual academician from the rest of his or her peers and, thus, effectively, allows him or her to further his or her cause. Hence, it is a serious matter, without a shadow of doubt.

Going through previously published papers

Papers that have been published already are a good place to start looking. It does not matter whether they have been authored by eminent intellectuals or students. As long as they have been published, it implies that they are good and credible sources. They can serve as good models to base one’s papers on, in terms of the technique of formatting, the font style and size, the content, how to approach a topic, as well as serve as sources of secondary data.

Consulting a librarian

Seeking help from an experienced librarian can also bring forth fruitful results. The librarian knows best where in the library the student will be able to find the best answers to his question. Even better, a librarian has to go through rigorous training himself or herself, so he or she may be directly instrumental in clarifying the student’s doubts. Apart from that, the library houses old newspaper and magazine articles that can also be beneficial to the student’s dissertation.

The Internet

It goes without saying that the world’s greatest mysteries can be solved by our universal best friend, the Internet. If the student has searched near and far and has still not been able to find satisfactory answers to his or her questions, the Internet can come to the rescue. As long as the right key words are entered, the student will be able to find the answers to all of his or her questions. However, reliability is not the Internet’s strongest suit.

Plagiarism concerns

The concerns that secondary data inevitably bring about are:

  • The student may, knowingly or unknowingly, plagiarise the work of another author.
  • This has serious ethical as well as legal ramifications.
  • The student’s paper may get cancelled or if leniency is shown, marks may be deducted considerably.
  • The student’s reputation and credibility get seriously hampered.