Selection Of 12 MBA Dissertation Topics For You To Consider

Thesis papers are a must for every doctoral candidate to submit. For students of business administration. The focus should be on management tips and tricks. Their dissertations should portray what the candidate has learned till date and whether he or she is ready to take over the corporate world by storm. His or her managerial abilities should be well depicted through the papers. A good grade ensures that the candidate gains a good reputation in the job market and, thus, gets to obtain a coveted job opportunity, with steady pay.

  1. Basic things that should be included in the paper
  2. There are a few fundamental things that must absolutely be incorporated in the dissertation by the author. These include the likes of:

    • Topic and title: The matter of the paper must be mentioned in the paper, and, also, defined and described properly.
    • Introduction: The introductory part of the paper should enlist the basic details about the topic that the reader should be well aware of, the limitations, and assumptions made.
    • Analysis: The topic should be well analysed by the author. This is the part where the author’s personal take on the matter should be included.
    • Conclusion: The conclusion should, basically, be an overview of the central theme of the paper.
  3. Choosing a good topic
  4. A good topic ensures that the paper turns out to be good, as well. This means that the topic should be relevant to modern prevalent conditions around the global market. In the field of business management studies, there are a host of topics that the candidates can choose from. However, if the candidate decides to take on a slightly more challenging topic than his peers, it would be a wise, and a brave, decision.

  5. Tackling the different aspects of the subject
  6. Business management is a very expansive subject and, as such, includes a wide area of study. There are many different components to address in a thesis paper, regarding the discipline. These include the areas of human relations, public relations, event management, crisis management and organisational psychology, to name a few.

  7. Incorporating technical knowledge
  8. The author should make it a point to flaunt his gamut of technical knowledge in his research papers. This means that the paper should not be generic but should be especially tailor-made for the subject of management. Incorporating a proper technical terminology will be appreciated by the reviewing committee.