Tricks For Creating The Social Science Undergraduate Dissertation

A dissertation in social sciences in the undergraduate level is not much different from a normal dissertation. The only primary difference apart from the content would be the inclusion of a number of case studies. Social sciences deal with the society and the various components of the society. Social science dissertations can be challenging as you are required to collect your own data. You have to personally talk to people and go to places to frame the case study you will be including in the dissertation. The level is a tad bit simpler in the undergraduate level. Yet the energy you must invest to get a good grade is more than the other disciplines.

The framing of a social science dissertation can be tricky if you are doing it for the first time. Here are some tricks that will make your job a little easier and will help you create a better dissertation when compared to your peers.


The most common dissertations in the social sciences are the presentation of a problem in the society. It can range from lack of fresh water to overpopulation to drug abuse victims. In your introduction, this should be the first part of your dissertation you must explicitly state the problem. Then you should give a detailed background to the problem. This has to be elaborate. In the introduction you should include the agenda of your study of the specific problem. Any definitions that need explanation with regard to your dissertation topic should be explained here.


This refers to the part where you describe how you have applied what you have studied in your real life research. Elaborate of the problem and the theories that are related to the problem. A brief part should give an overview of your research, along with some important data.


Here you are to describe your work in detail. The place where you went, the people you talked to, how you went about your research, all the data collected and the analysis of the data. This part can also be called the case study. This has to be your personal work and the most important part of the dissertation.


Here you analyze the data you have found. Briefly describe what you have learnt from your study. Tie all your presentations with a carefully worded brief conclusion.

Following this structure will help you organize your thoughts and work in a more productive way.