Choosing Powerful Topics For A Doctoral Thesis On Computer Engineering

Living in the 21st century, we are exposed to the beauty of technology. Computerized organisms are everywhere – starting from our home and ending with the place we work in. If you decide to write a thesis on a topic relevant to computers, you made the right choice. Considering the fact that the IT sphere is on its rise, your work will definitely receive an overwhelming appreciation.

How to Pick the Best Topic for My Thesis

Choosing the appropriate theme has always been a major problem for many students all over the globe. If you finished the first year of studies knowing what your thesis will be about, you are a lucky guy. Most people don’t have a single clue about the issues that they will be discussing in their works, which is a sad testimony of procrastination. Make sure you don’t postpone your paper till the last month of studying – unless you love dealing with risky situations.

The right decision would be to start thinking about it right now. Sit back and contemplate areas of economics or politics that make you wonder. There is nothing better than being passionate about the topic you are writing about – just keep this in mind.

A Non-Exhaustive List of Topics to Consider

  1. The efficient cluster. How to schedule resources in the right way
  2. Computer Science: Memory compression technology.
  3. Software Engineering vs. Computer Engineering.
  4. Functional programming.
  5. How to improve the utilization of machines
  6. Virtualization machines. What is the difference between light and heavy ones?
  7. Multi-tenant architectures. How to with ToS violations properly?
  8. Storage mechanisms for the cloud. How is a cheaper one different from a more expensive one?
  9. Database solutions. What is a hostage cache and does it work?
  10. Defined network. How does the choice of software effect it?
  11. The innovative Linux. Is there any potential to overtake Windows?
  12. What is the best approach to establish hosting maintenance?
  13. Do complex framework lead to expected benefits?
  14. Computers through centuries. What are the most outstanding structural developments?
  15. Main weaknesses of cloud security. Is it no longer safe to store your stuff in the cloud?

Obviously, don’t limit yourself by this selection. Remember that the best way to deliver a stunning thesis is to choose the topic that you feel absolutely confident about. So, go ahead and pick the one that suits you the most!