10 Extraordinary PhD Dissertation Topics In Education

Education continues to be one of the most debated and discussed topics in the academia. If you are studying education or anything that is allied to education, there are a few things you need to understand in the context first. First off, anything and everything that you can think as the subject of the paper has already been written on by someone before you. So the areas of originality are already slightly crowded here. There are several people that have made it into a habit to churn out third-rate rip-offs of what has already been written. You sure do not belong to this class.

While it is evident that there are several issues that need to be tackled when writing one education, there are several things that need to be put into perspective here. The first among these is the level of effort that you put into the work as a whole. So here are 10 titles on education that you may consider when writing your next paper.

10 PhD dissertation topics on education

  1. Pre-schooling: has the introduction of Montessori based education improved the experience for children and parents?
  2. Is it true that pre-schoolers that come from Montessori do better than their counterparts that have been educated in other schools?
  3. Is it right to introduce money management and business studies straight into primary education?
  4. Will it be right to lower the impetus on math and language studies when peaking of certain curriculum challenges?
  5. Can performance of primary school students be improved if rigorous tests are excluded from the syllabi?
  6. Should failed students be provided with more support or should the passing standards be lowered to help students fare better?
  7. . Is it still necessary to hold standardized tests in the secondary education system?
  8. How effective is the idea of offering courses in entrepreneurship and wealth management to students in high school. What are the possible challenges?
  9. Are universities running the risk of losing student count each year owing to very high entrepreneurship rates?
  10. What are the essential benefits of university education? Why should all students consider spending time in the university?

There are several things that need to be understood when looking at arguably the most important aspect of our lives – education. So you must get the dissertation topic right at the start of the exercise. Make sure that all issues are resolved before you get the best of the job.