Ph.D. Thesis Topics In Political Science Closely Related To WWII

A well-researched and empirical Ph.D. thesis is a solid way to prove that a student is fit for the academic world. But compiling an academic writing for Ph.D. is one of the toughest jobs a student has to face. This kind of writing requires some technical details to be fulfilled besides maintaining the academic requirements.

If you are a student of political science and are currently thinking of pursuing a Ph.D. in the discipline and are interested in researching on the political events concerning WWII, then this article will be helpful for you. But before we begin, let us see how you will compile a Ph.D. paper.

  • a. First, you need to pick up a topic from your syllabus in which you are genuinely interested.
  • b. Next, look for the existing literature related to your subject and note down the important points which are relevant to your field of study.
  • c. After that, write an introduction stating your research question and what motivated you to do the study.
  • d. Next is the objective of your study where you will state what you wish to uncover through the proposed topic and how that will benefit further research.
  • e. In the methodology section, write about the methods and tools you applied for analysing data.
  • f. Then in the literature review section, write about all the relevant references you got.
  • g. After that comes the data representation and analysis and conclusion section.

Now, let us look at some of the important Ph.D. dissertation topics on WWII.

  1. A comparison of the role of Japan and Germany in the war.
  2. Role of Technology in the war
  3. The condition and the role of the women during the Second World War.
  4. The effect of WWII and the consequent rise of Anti-Semitism.
  5. Is WWII somehow responsible for the war between Israel and Palestine?
  6. The treatment of the prisoners of war during the Second World War and their consequent political effect.
  7. Hitler’s political motive behind occupying Poland and Czechoslovakia.
  8. Comparison between the dictatorial regime of Hitler and modern day North Korea.
  9. How and why Europe got involved in the Cold War following the fall of Germany
  10. US’s political motive behind bombing on Japan. How does it affect the US-Japan relationship till date?

These are some of the important topics related to WWII which can be worked out as a Ph.D. thesis.