Relevant Dissertation Topics In Church Leadership

Coming up with a dissertation topic can be a huge undertaking. That doesn’t even include what you are going to do or use as the topic material and all the research you will need to do. However, you have worked hard to get to this point. All of those long hours studying and doing homework when others were out partying are about to pay off. Just say out loud for everyone to hear, “I have done this. My work has gotten me here.” The only problem is, you cannot think of what to do your dissertation on.

That is all right, though. This article can get those imaginative juices flowing. So, pay attention. Here is a list of topics that will surely start you on the right track:

  • Spreading religious tolerance in the Middle East: breaking down the barrier between Christianity and those who oppose it with free acts of generosity and the word of God.
  • The issues taking in the Middle-East make this a great topic to specialize in. Someone has to figure out a solution on how to bring peace to the world. So, this would be a great topic.
  • Religion can be hip: A look into how to modernize the Church for families with children and bring fun into service.
  • Times are changing, and the church will have to keep up with the times or risk losing the younger generation.
  • Church can be anywhere: Tearing down the walls of the modern day church and the money it would save for those in need.
  • Think about the money that could be saved by bringing the church to parks or areas within the communities. A lot of less-fortunate people could benefit from an idea like this.
  • Praising fame: The effect celebrity worship has on the religious community in today’s society.
  • With the shift towards more and more desire to be rich and famous, church leaders must figure out a way to balance God and the large population of people who would rather be at a celebrity signing than a church service or function.
  • Money well spent: The use of technology in church and the price tag that comes along with it.
  • Church leaders must decide how important technology is during service and functions. As we progress into a more technology-based society where will ministers and the church community come up with the money to fund all of those changes?

This is a wonderful way to start brainstorming your dissertation topic in Church Leadership. Many up-to-date occurrences have been covered, and now you have to figure out the best way to research your thesis, do homework on all of the material, and get that dissertation completed. Remember, though; you can always hire a freelance professional to help you gather the documents you may need to get everything ready for the big presentation day.