A Collection Of Creative Dissertation Topics In Financial Management

There are numerous areas to base your dissertation in financial management. However, not all will be considered as captivating. Some are mundane which makes them unpalatable and uninteresting to read. A topic should make the reader extremely curious to read through your entire paper. What defines a good topic for your paper?


Excellent Ideas For A Financial Management Dissertation

This is a topic that captures a definite area. From the title, the boundaries are clearly defined. A reader can tell your perspective and the extent to which you will cover a particular aspect of financial management. Avoid topics that are too general that it is impossible to exhaust its content. Others could be too narrow that you do not have space or content to complete the paper.


Fresh topics deviate from areas that are routinely studied. Such topics are interesting to read. They also add value to financial management since a reader will get new information. It is captivating to peruse through new materials. Look for ideas that are yet to be debated.


The best topic captures the imagination of a reader. For a reader to spend time on your dissertation, it must be worth. Use the title to generate interest in your paper. An interesting title deliberately chooses words and identifies an area of interest to readers. The reader must find value for time in your paper.


There are challenges in the financial management sector that require considered solutions. These solutions will come through your paper. In fact, people are frantically searching for the solutions. Handling such issues makes the paper relevant. The paper is helping the people to solve an existing problem.

Here are some of the financial management dissertation topics to consider.

  1. The effect privatization has on non-performing loans
  2. Accuracy of risk assessment in a fluid business environment
  3. The risks behind short-term financing for businesses
  4. Employability and capital employment in the process of transition during privatization
  5. Risk management and sustainable profit growth
  6. Audit expenses in relation to company size
  7. The capital structure of off-shore companies
  8. The interaction of interest rates with stock market value
  9. Dividend sharing for multinationals
  10. Microfinance institutions and their contribution to entrepreneurship
  11. Profitability of banks in relation to interest rates in a free market
  12. Credit score for local and foreign banks
  13. Is Islamic banking model disrupting the conventional banking sector?
  14. The impact of fund size on performance of mutual funds
  15. Risk aversion indicators that can predict financial crisis